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nLocate start point of polygon:

case RTNORM:
if (nSides < 3)
acutPrintf("\nNeed at least 3 sides.");
return Acad::eInvalidInput;
ads_point center, startPt, normal;
if (acedGetPoint(NULL, "\nLocate center of polygon: ", center) != RTNORM)
return Acad::eInvalidInput;
startPt[0] = center[0];
startPt[1] = center[1];
startPt[2] = center[2];
while (asPnt3d(startPt) == asPnt3d(center)) {
switch (acedGetPoint(center, "\ nLocate start point of polygon: ", startPt)) {
case RTNORM:
if (asPnt3d(center) == asPnt3d(startPt))
acutPrintf("\nPick a point different"
" from the center.");
return Acad::eInvalidInput;
// Set the normal to the plane of the polygon to be
// the same as the Z direction of the current UCS,
// (0, 0, 1) since we also got the center and
// start point in the current UCS. (acedGetPoint()
// returns in the current UCS.)
normal[X] = 0.0;
normal[Y] = 0.0;
normal[Z] = 1.0;
acdbUcs2Wcs(normal, normal, Adesk::kTrue);
acdbUcs2Ecs(center, center, normal, Adesk::kFalse);
acdbUcs2Ecs(startPt, startPt, normal, Adesk::kFalse);
double elev = center[2];
AcGePoint2d cen = asPnt2d(center),
start = asPnt2d(startPt);
AcGeVector3d norm = asVec3d(normal);
AsdkPoly *pPoly = new AsdkPoly;
if (pPoly==NULL)
return Acad::eOutOfMemory;
Acad::ErrorStatus es;
if ((es=pPoly->set(cen, start, nSides, norm, "transactPoly",elev))!=Acad::eOk)
return es;
pPoly->setDatabaseDefaults( acdbHostApplicationServices()->workingDatabase());
return Acad::eOk;
// Extrudes the poly to a given height.
static Acad::ErrorStatus
extrudePoly(AsdkPoly* pPoly, double height, AcDbObjectId& savedExtrusionId)
Acad::ErrorStatus es = Acad::eOk;
// Explode to a set of lines.
AcDbVoidPtrArray lines;
// Create a region from the set of lines.
AcDbVoidPtrArray regions;
AcDbRegion::createFromCurves(lines, regions);

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